8 Rue de Valois


Paris, no 8, Rue de Valois.


Right across the French Ministry of Culture and next to Palais Royal. Here, two men from Marseilles established the very first Paris restaurant à la carte in 1792. The first where customers could order whatever they wanted from a menu. The restaurant name was ‘Le Boeuf a la mode’. A frieze depicting an ox all decked out à la page is still here.


The restaurant closed its doors in 1936.


These same doors reopened in 2014, when Francesco Russo decided to open here his atelier. And just like it was 220 years ago, there is a menu, there is a list. And just like then, now customers can explore and see their current wishes come true. Here Francesco designed and, thanks to the history of this place, conceived a new and superior luxury: total adherence to female imagination in order to allow her to become the creature, the butterfly that she has always dreamt to be.


The atelier of Rue de Valois, 8 represents the heart of the global retail expansion concept of Francesco Russo.

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